Earl Grey with Lavender Tea Chocolate

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As third generation organic tea growers, Davidson's offers only the finest organic teas and blends them to please even the most discerning of palates. The infusion of Ecuadorian Cacao Arriba with our organic tea blends crafts a decadent dessert designed to gratify and soothe. This infusion combines a South American delicacy with a timeless tea tradition, creating a luxurious treat for all tea and chocolate lovers to delight in.


The citrusy undertones that Earl Grey lovers appreciate perfectly complement the rich organic cacao, while the added lavender petals work to craft a soothing and flowery finish. Davidson's recommends pairing the Earl Grey with Lavender Tea Chocolate with a spicy Zinfandel, a deep Cabernet Sauvignon, or a sweet Ruby Port. Each of these rich wines enhances the subtle hints of lavender and citrus in the decadent cacao. Not a wine drinker? Then try pairing Davidson's Tea Chocolates with their respective organic tea blends.


       To create this Tea Chocolate treat, we partnered with a third generation organic cacao farmer in Ecuador. This small farmer let Davidson's in on every step of the chocolate production process. Here's a shot of the cacao beans drying.


Organic cacao mass (arriba), organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, and Davidson's organic earl grey with lavender black tea.

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