Universal Tea Maker (24 oz.)

Price: $21.99
Item Number: R791
Tea lovers will adore this Universal Tea Maker (24 oz.) designed to brew any kind of tea; loose-leaf, bagged or flowering teas as well as to serve either hot or iced. Teas are placed into the tea infuser which is attached to a removable, twist top and airtight lid. Hot water is then poured into the Universal Tea Maker and the lid with the tea infuser is screwed into place. Tea is then brewed in full view, making it easy to gauge the strength of the tea. Remove the infuser and enjoy the tea hot or place into refrigerator to chill and drink it iced. BPA free and made from AcraGlass that offers glass-like clarity that doesn’t stain or retain odors. Dishwasher safe and comes with a complimentary box of hot tea.

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