Kombucha Program


Davidson’s Organics has been dedicated to sourcing and creating unique and superior tea blends for over 40 years. As 3rd generation organic tea growers, we know that in order to make quality kombucha, you first need quality tea. With 300+ ingredients and blends to choose from, as well as an extensive custom blending program, Davidson’s is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all aspiring and leading kombucha brewers. Explore what we can offer and sign-up for a Wholesale Account today.

We offer...

  • Certified Organic, Kosher and Fair Trade teas, herbs and spices
  • Custom blending and formulation; See our Private Label Program for more details
  • Minimum of 50 lbs. for custom blending
  • 300+ stock tea/herb blends and ingredients
  • Minimum of 1 lb. for stock tea/herb blends; Minimum order of $50.00
  • 24-72 hr. turnaround on orders
  • 3 generations worth of experience
  • Organic, Kosher and Fair Trade certification services

Register for a Wholesale Account today, or Contact Us for more information.