Alyssa McFadden

Alyssa is currently working in the Chicagoland area as a music therapist. Outside of music, Alyssa has many passions; nature, yoga, running, mindfulness, travel, and tea are just the start of the list!

Every day for Alyssa starts with yoga, meditation, and a hot cup of tea. She finds that she feels much more grounded, and is better able to connect with her patients after following this kind of routine. Being able to choose from a wide range of caffeine options and flavor profiles is very important to her to start the day well, and Davidson’s Organic Teas has a fantastic variety. She’s also found that Davidson’s tea is the best for her home-brew kombucha.

Currently, Alyssa’s favorite tea is the Ginger Spice and Autumn Fruit & Flowers (but it’s important to note she hasn’t found a tea from Davidson’s that she hasn’t enjoyed).

To see her latest brews, check out her tea Instagram at @brewteafulday.

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