Denise Mulranen

Denise is a married mother of three boys who works part-time as a teachers aid. At the age of 53 she has lost 109 pounds on a healthy lifestyle journey. Denise has loved iced tea her whole life, and loves to fresh brew each glass. She started vlogging as a way to help herself and other on their weight loss journeys. Every Sunday night you can Dish with Dee on her YouTube channel during a segment "Tea with Dee" where Denise and her followers have an online meeting to talk about their week, where to improve, and what they have learned. Dee shares recipes and hopes to incorporate more of Davidson's Teas. 

Join Denise for tea on her YouTube Channel or Instagram.

You can also join Dish with Dee's Light and Healthy Living page on Facebook.                         
Dish wiht dee before and after

Check out Denise's amazing transformation. We think her journey is inspiring. Anything is possibly with hard work, determination, and tea!

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