Genmaicha (Loose Leaf)

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Genmaicha (Loose Leaf) is known as “brown rice tea,” as it is a blend of green tea and roasted brown rice.


Davidson’s Genmaicha (Loose Leaf) carries a nutty, light flavor with a sweet finish, compliments of the roasted brown rice.


               Davidson’s Genmaicha is sourced from Shaoxing County, in the Zhengjiang Province of China. This area is known for its rolling hills and network of rivers. The tea gardens are located just east of the Kuaiji Mountain. The landscape in these tea gardens is at an incline, allowing for natural irrigation and plenty of sun exposure. Davidson's co-owner, Kunall Patel, takes the time to visit our Chinese suppliers often to understand their farming practices. Here's a shot that he took of a small farmer plucking tea leaves in the gardens.


Traditionally, genmaicha was created to reduce the price of tea and prolong short supplies by adding rice as a filler, and was commonly consumed by the poor. In this way, genmaicha also became known as the “people’s tea.”


Organic green tea and organic toasted rice.


  1. Heat fresh, filtered water just short of the boiling point.
  2. Add 2 grams of tea to a infuser, or straight into an 8-oz. mug.
  3. Pour the heated water into the mug.
  4. Steep for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Strain tea leaves, or take out the infuser.
  6. Sip and enjoy Davidson’s organic tea.

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Product Reviews

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Very nice, savory, & like toasted nori (seaweed)
Orion (CA) 12/29/2023 11:28 PM
It is a very nice and smooth tea, and it can be brewed quite a few times too, I could get around 12 4oz cups from it. It has a nice body and a savory nori and shrimp taste. It is a little astringent, but it isn't that bad as long as you don't brew it with water over 170°F. So far, at the time of writing this review, it is my favorite tea from Davidson's.