Herbal Tea 3-Pack Gift Sets

Price: $17.95
Organic Status: Organic Certified
Caffeine Status: Caffeine Free/Herbal

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Blend Variation:

Treat a tea lover to one of Davidson's delicious Herbal Tea 3-Pack Gift Sets, perfect for any special occasion. These gift sets each contain three boxes of 25 tea bags (i.e. Box-25), all wrapped-up in a perfect bow.

Choose from three of the following blend variations:

  1. Assortment 1: One Box-25 Coconut Vanilla, One Box-25 Rooibos Spiced Chai and One Box-25 French Vanilla
  2. Assortment 2: One Box-25 Raspberry Cream Caramel, One Box-25 Meyer Lemon and One Box-25 South African Rooibos
  3. Assortment 3: One Box-25 Bing Cherry with Almond, One Box-25 Lemon Ginger and One Box-25 Herbal Classic Chai

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