Joe Laxton

Joe Laxton is a certified health coach and owner of Joe’s Gym in Indianola, Iowa. Joe enjoys getting ready for his body builder competitions and on his off-season helps coach and prep body builder enthusiasts. He has over 15 years of experience in weight training and offers an online resource where people can learn everything they need to know about training, nutrition and supplementation.

Joe lives in Indianola with his wife Julie and their kids, Cali and Jett. When he’s not reading, traveling, cooking and weightlifting; Joe is hanging out with his kids as much as humanly possible.

He has an awesome app called, MyPt Hub. It helps create training and nutrition plans that fit users goals and help them build the body that they’ve always wanted.

Davidson’s Organics is the tea company he recommends to his clients. He loves that we are organic and his favorite blend is South African Rooibos. Not only is the aroma his favorite but so is the taste. Joe’s other go to blend is Digest because the peppermint in it really picks him up in the morning to help him get his day started.

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