Spiced Rooibos Chai (Loose Leaf)

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Caffeine Status: Caffeine Free/Herbal

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Spiced Rooibos Chai (Loose Leaf) combines robust spices with an earthy base of South African rooibos.


Davidson's Spiced Rooibos Chai (Loose Leaf) is a full-bodied brew with a sweet and spicy finish.


       Davidson's sources its organic rooibos from South Africa. On his way to visit our rooibos supplier, our co-owner, Kunall Patel, snapped this incredible shot of wild horses running alongside the road, near the rooibos farms.


Organic rooibos, organic cinnamon and natural flavor.


  1. Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil.
  2. Add 2 grams of tea to a infuser, or straight into an 8-oz. mug.
  3. Pour the heated water into the mug.
  4. Steep for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Strain tea leaves, or take out the infuser.
  6. Sip and enjoy Davidson’s organic tea.

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Product Reviews

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Tanya Jacobs (Owego, NY) 2/1/2019 7:28 PM
The spicy sweetness of this tea is absolutely delicious. The flavor is so good, robust and hits the palette with a lovely surprise. The taste scent after the swallow is everything you want in a candle, but can never get! Drink it hot or cold (my preference is cold) and it's equally delightful.
I love this tea, and everyone I serve it to
Debbie K Braman (Tallahassee, FL) 10/5/2018 5:42 PM
This is not really a chai tea, it tastes like Good Earth tea, but it is sooooo wonderful. Who cares if it is chai or not.
Matthew (usa) 3/23/2018 7:55 PM
Basically, just cinnamon tea. There are other ingredients, but you won't taste them. That being said, it's not a bad tea, especially if you like cinnamon. Good for occasional variety, but not something to drink more than a few times a week. Has a cinnamon sweet, spicy taste. Varying amounts of tea allows the consumer to change the overall taste of each cup.
Best Tea Ever
gary wells (Brevard, NC) 9/25/2017 12:40 PM
Absolutely love this tea...gave up coffee and this is a wonderful full bodied replacement!
delicious and healthy
Karen Branch (Huntsville, AR) 1/28/2016 4:32 PM
this is my favorite tea blend and has so many health benefits. I will continue to order this particular blend and share with friends