Davidson's Barkeep's Blends

Hospitality professionals give on a daily basis, and sometimes their own health and interests may be sacrificed for their customers'. That's why Davidson's has teamed up with esteemed hospitality professionals throughout the U.S. to create blends that challenge service industry workers to start taking care of themselves. No matter whether you may be a bartender, a waiter, a chef or a hostess, hospitality is hard work, and our blends are formulated to make it just a bit easier on you - mind, body and soul. Take a look at our very first Barkeep's Blend, The Handshake, highlighted below.


The Handshake

In the industry, a bartender's handshake is a mid-shift pick-me-up, meant to provide release and rejuvenation. Similarly, Davidson's Handshake is designed to provide hospitality professionals with natural, sustainable energy and recovery. This blend of pure herbs and green tea carries a refreshing, fruity flavor.

Our Blend Partners

Each Barkeep's Blend is inspired and represented by someone within the industry. Often the blend relates to a particular concern or interest of the hospitality professional that inspired it. With these tea blends, we aim to spread awareness about health throughout the hospitality community, and we hope to create blends that give back as much as what that individual gives of themselves.


Michael Moberly

Michael is the Spirits Director at the Whispering Vine, and is the only full-time Spirits Educator in Northern Nevada. He has spent the better part of his adult life behind a bar top. He does this because he loves it, he loves the joy in hospitality, and he loves the hard work of creating an environment of fun. All too often, hospitality professionals don't take time to show the same care to themselves as they show their customers. That's why Michael wanted to partner with Davidson's - to create something for bartenders to put into their bodies, something made with care, as a healthy alternative to fuel long nights filled with joy, hard work, and passion. He has partnered with Davidson's to create The Handshake, just for this purpose.



Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

Hospitality professionals give to others day after day, but they're sometimes put into situations where they need to ask for help themselves. Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) is a 501(c)(3) organization that grants support to the children and families of food and beverage professionals navigating life-altering circumstances. In times of extreme strain, perhaps brought on by family death, injury, medical condition or loss of home, any family is susceptible to stress, both financially and emotionally. CORE is the nationally recognized community of support for food and beverage families in need, ensuring care and quality of life. Davidson's donates 10% of all proceeds for The Handshake to CORE.