Brand Ambassador Application

Davidson’s Organics promotes a mindful and healthful lifestyle, both environmentally and physically. You embody the values we are built upon and we are excited to find a mutually beneficial working relationship. We aspire to support the individuals and endeavors within our communities that promote social and environmental responsibility, support healthy lifestyles and possess integrity. As a Brand Ambassador, you will join an exclusive club of passionate tea lovers who champion the Davidson’s farm to cup philosophy: respect for nature, compassion to people and appreciation for quality.

Benefits of Becoming a Davidson’s Brand Ambassador:

  • Promote your mission through our current marketing channels
  • Cobranded social media posts, approved ahead of time
  • A press release to local outlets announcing our partnership
  • A spot on our popular website
  • A free supply of tea for agreed-upon purposes (community events, customer giveaways, etc.)
  • First to receive free samples of our new blends and products before they launch
  • A custom discount code to share with your friends, family and fans

Davidson’s Brand Ambassador Program Requirements:

  • Reach your current audiences with our tea, related products or events
  • Present our tea to your customers/followers at select events and locations
  • Submit 3 posts or other pre-determined marketing message on your social marketing channels
  • Leverage any current marketing or social channels to tell our story to your audiences, introducing our brand to previously unaware tea lovers
  • Submit a short bio about yourself, your endeavors, your passion and how Davidson’s Organic Tea will help fulfill your goals, along with any supporting documents (can be emailed separately) you feel fit to submit for our review to approve you as our Brand Ambassador.

Thank you for joining our team and submitting the below application.

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