COVID-19 Update

Here are some updates as we know them today (05/01/2021):
For Davidson’s Organic Teas, communication is key when trying to explain things we cannot control. We recognize that demand for materials is at a historic high. COVID-19 impacts are still being felt in many ways in our industry, as well as labor shortages and typical economic imbalances abroad. While we may not be in control of all the supply chain issues right now, we want to have the ability to communicate and partner with you to ensure we work together to meet your needs and lead times.  
  • Raw Materials: What used to be a very consistent delivery process for raw materials is now anything but that. Tea shipments from origin have record backlogs with all major suppliers. This continues to push out lead times - anywhere from a week+ to months for specialty items.
  • Packaging Supplies: Production related packaging supplies are also limited right now. This includes chipboards, wrappers, tags, SUPs, pallets, and more. Manufacturers are having difficulty getting the raw materials they need to produce packaging supplies. So delays are expected throughout the entire process.
  • Freight and Delivery: Delivery lead times have extended as we continue to see issues with both incoming and outgoing freight and shipping containers. Know we are continuing to add shifts, employees, and even new production strategies; all of which adds capacity and gives us the best opportunity to help mitigate some of these delays. While this helps, order volumes are high and supply chain issues still exist, so our lead times have increased to accommodate.
  • Quotes and Order Acknowledgements: As you probably know by now, we understand this has increased our response times on new requests and orders. You can still expect extended turnaround times through Q3-Q4, but know we are committed to you and are becoming the most efficient manufacturer/supplier we can be.

  • What you can do to help the Davidson’s Team:
      • Plan ahead by getting your requests and orders in early.
      • Please respect the lead times provided by our team members and know that we are doing our best to give you realistic lead times.
      • Manage expectations by discussing and planning for possible cost increases with your account manager.
      Our team is ready to help provide the best customer service and address any questions or concerns you may have.
      These uncertain times are bringing hardship to communities all over the world. We thank you for continuing to support Davidson's Organics. Davidson's is an essential business and we are open and ready to support you.
      If you have any additional concerns, please contact us.