Daisy Siskin

Daisy Siskin has the kettle on right now. If not, she’s brewing a pot of tea and is waiting impatiently for it to steep, or she’s embracing a mug of it in both hands and sipping it greedily. Daisy may not have both oars in the water when it comes to tea, but who are we to say? Tea is our life, too!

When she’s not drinking tea, Daisy is in the garden growing tea herbs (and other edibles), and is even babying her very own Camellia sinensis, the queen of all teas. Daisy’s also the co-author of the sustainable living book, Little House in the Suburbs, and a lead blogger at the eponymous website (see below).

Daisy's favorite tea is tea, tea, and more tea, but she particularly likes loose leaf teas, in a large teapot, with more on standby.

To follow Daisy's tea adventures, visit her blog.

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