Eco Responsibility

Our humble beginnings arose from a committed belief that greatness in what we eat and drink begins with healthy ingredients, assembled with a practiced hand and a refined palate. Teas and herbs are certainly no different, so over the years we’ve tirelessly developed a palate for only the best tasting, healthy and organic ingredients.

Far too often, we have been treating nature like a limitless resource with a never ending capacity for self-renewal. The pressures have mounted as we introduced industrialized agricultural practices, added chemical fertilizers or engaged GMO practices to make the land yield more and used pesticides in the name of protection. The results of these practices have been frightening – environmental pollution, soil erosion and loss of biological diversity. Today there is awareness worldwide and a back to nature movement that is sourcing traditional knowledge and agro practices. We need to develop agriculture as an organism, to understand it as a living eco-system. It is in our best interest to attune our immediate needs with the long term rules of nature. If this continues to be ignored, we may be just too late to stop the irrevocable damage to our world.

Davidson’s prides itself in being an environmentally responsible producer of teas (sourced from our tea gardens) grown along the Darjeeling tea belt, which is located on the Himalayan mountain range rising over 2100 meters above sea level. The tea gardens (organic, bio-dynamic and fair trade certified) cover an area spreading 10,000 acres and are surrounded by high mountain virgin forests, hidden in year round mist, and irrigated by the pure and naturally filtered water that seeps through the crevices and waterfalls in this bio-diverse ecosystem. Every tea bud is nurtured from a nursery to a tea garden, and harvested fresh by the farmer and delivered to your cup. We work in harmony with nature, with its flora and fauna, providing a holistic and organically grown product. Our organic teas are also cultivated with the advanced organic methods of bio-dynamic farming, one which is characterized by self-sufficiency and biological diversity where crops and livestock are integrated and nutrients recycled, and where the health of the soil, crops, animals, and the farmer too, are maintained holistically. Then here at our facility, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we handle and blend these fine organic ingredients for the most appealing flavor, aroma and appearance.

We believe organic farming works in harmony with nature – whether it’s wildlife, humans or mother earth, and support growing GMO free, chemical free and pesticide free teas, herbs and spices.
Soil Fertility
Our organic farmers act as stewards of our land, using century old methods for growing without harmful chemicals. These include techniques such as crop rotation, growing plants that pests do like next to plants that pests don’t like, mulching and soil treatment and homeopathic sprays made from organic herbs. Davidson’s organic tea projects have returned barren farms, to rich and fertile growing areas, with naturally aerated soil, teaming with earthworms. Our organic farming methods protect waterways and ground water from harmful contamination, both to wildlife and human life.

Health and Safety

Our organic farming methods protect our farmers, who are helping all of us, while also taking care of the environment. They, their children, and own animals avoid exposure to chemicals which might harm them. Unlike in conventional tea gardens, the tea pluckers and their families are exposed to harmful chemicals when spraying the pest affected crop. Insecticides and pesticides sprayed on crops are toxic, banned from several countries and are seriously dangerous to the farmers’ health. These chemically treated conventional teas are then indirectly passed on to the end-consumer. Davidson’s is seriously committed to organic farming, not just for the benefit to our consumer, but to the well being of our farmers.

Protects Wild Life

Organic farming protects birds and other wildlife in this richly diverse region from the same contamination that our farmers are exposed to. Additionally, these animals farmed on organic tea gardens are fed only organically grown feed, and given no hormones or medical pills. Our tea gardens in the Darjeeling region are breeding grounds for the famous barking deer and this has also logically increased the number of leopard sightings in the area.

In general, organic tea as part of all organic farming, helps promote the health and sustainability of life and of our planet. Davidson’s proudly donate a portion of our profits to The Organic Center, an arm of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). This wonderful group’s mission is to “generate credible, peer reviewed scientific information and communicate the verifiable benefits of organic farming and products to society.” We thank them in helping raise awareness of the utmost important of eco responsibility in organic farming. Davidson’s Organics is committed to organic farming for supplying you the purest cup of tea while preserving our precious land for generations to come.