Gift Baskets Program

Davidson’s offers premium organic and fair trade teas for every theme and occasion, and in various packaging options to suit your gift packing needs. Our pure organic teas come directly from the producer to the cup of your gift basket customer. Our organic teas will not only upgrade quality of the gift while reflecting well on the gift packer (i.e. sensitive to environmental issues, health issues etc.) but will also resonate your gift basket’s message of appreciation and gratitude. Below is a quick snapshot of our Gift Baskets Program and why you should consider Davidson’s Organics for your gift packing needs.
The Tea
Organic ingredients and 75+ tea flavors provide a meaningful and healthy consumable item:
  • Large green tea lines to promote sustainability and prosperity
  • Dessert Teas (caffeine-free) - great for an “indulgence” gift, “congratulation” gift or “get well soon” gift and “thank you” gift
  • Large herbal/decaffeinated tea lines to accommodate non-caffeinated concerns - this includes our Honey Teas that are caffeine-free and slightly sweet (great for a children’s gift)
  • Holiday and Seasonal Teas – for Christmas, Valentines, Father’s or Mother’s day
  • Assorted flavors available in virtually every organic tea category
The Packaging
Largest format, eco-friendly and colorful packaging for various purposes in the industry:
  • Rainbow of color options and graphics styles to fit any color themed gift basket
  • Small single tea-bags for accents in baskets, 8-ct. box for a larger statement and 25-ct. box for the deluxe basket
  • Occasion/Themes oriented packages – Christmas, Valentines, Seasonal, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries/Health, Fruits, Flowers and Chocolates
  • Completely clean labeling, i.e. no additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything
  • Organic teas in tea bags, loose leaf, gift packaging and tea accessories provide an array of options to cover all themes, interests and occasions for any gift packing size
The Consciousness
  • Organic products upgrade quality of the gift while reflecting well on the gift packer (i.e. sensitive to environmental issues, health issues etc.)
  • Promotes awareness and concern of your customers’ well-being, sustainability of the environment and the fair working condition of all tea producers (through Fair Trade organic tea lines) and farmers alike
The Assurance
  • Direct relationship with tea and herb growers ensures quality of organic tea as well as low cost to the gift packer
  • Shipping costs remain low due to the light weight of the tea
  • A 4-decade old tea company with nationwide presence, proven track record with all large and small gift basket customers, and a strong advocate of the organic movement to promote longetivity of health and general well-being
Program Inquiry
Please submit your inquiry via the Contact Us section, fax @ 1.775.356.3713 or by calling us Toll Free 1-844-TEA-BREW (1-844-832-2739). We will promptly follow up on your interest with you.