Iced Tea Program

Davidson’s Organics is pleased to offer our full range of USDA Certified Organic teas in convenient packaging for iced tea applications. To accommodate various foodservice operators, we offer 3 standard iced tea packaging sizes along with our extensive line of organic teas. Packaging emphasizes portion control, convenience and economy with an eye toward streamlining the busy restaurant/café owner’s tea, coffee and beverage service.
Available Types of Foodservice Packages and Tea Varieties
  • 18 varieties of USDA Certified Organic Iced Tea Brew Bags in quart, 1 oz and 3 oz sizes
  • Line priced (same price/package size no matter what flavor you select) for simple costing structure and per cup profitability analysis
  • Most competitive organic iced tea pricing in the marketplace with the assurance of our Price Match Guarantee, since nobody beats our quality, service and price
  • Award Winning Organic Mulling Spices, loose and spice teabags
  • Extensive availability of organic ingredients through our Bulk Ingredients Program
Our Typical Iced Tea Customers
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Coffee Houses and Tea Rooms
  • Coffee Service and Catering
  • Delis and Cafeterias
  • College Cafeterias
  • Corporate Cafeterias
  • And…any foodservice operation where the clientele will appreciate an emphasis on healthy organic products
Value-Added Services
  • Offer tea accessories for your brewing and serving needs.
  • Offer private label programs and recommendations on customized blends for your individual operational need.
  • Provide support materials such as posters and table talkers. This helps in your customers reading about the benefits of organic food selections every day along with raising your café’s/restaurant’s awareness of a healthy eating and serving environment.
  • Direct import of organic teas, herbs and spices from around the world ensure availability, quality and competitive price. Additionally, much of our product line is also Fair Trade Certified.
  • Offer a full line of retail packaging for your incremental tea sales and catering needs.
Profitability Analysis
Below is a summary of the cost/profit breakdown in serving Davidson's Iced Teas (in a 16 oz. glass):
1 Gal.
3 Gal.
Resale Price *
Gross Profit *
8 oz. Tea
16 glasses
48 glasses
10 oz. Tea
13 glasses
39 glasses
12 oz. Tea
10 glasses
30 glasses
* Your resale price per serving, number refills and ratio of tea/ice will determine your final gross profit per serving.
Program Inquiry
Contact us for a complete list of all of our organic iced teas. We will gladly share how our delicious and conveniently packaged organic iced teas can improve your tea sales. Please submit your inquiry via the Contact Us section, fax @ 1.775.356.3713 or by calling us Toll Free 1-844-TEA-BREW (1-844-832-2739). We will promptly follow up on your interest with you.