Jelena Hardy

After 30 years of fruitlessly seeking happiness and self-acceptance through overachieving, the practice of yoga found Jelena, teaching her self-love and guiding her to see that everything she was searching for, she already had.

Completely transformed by this realization, Jelena felt the pull to become a yoga instructor and share with others this astonishingly simple and beautiful practice of self-discovery.

Jelena moved to Reno in 2010, shortly after becoming a certified yoga instructor. After almost four years of teaching classes in makeshift "yoga studios" that she had rented, Jelena opened Rishi Yoga with her husband, Daniel, in June 2014.

The mission of Rishi Yoga is also Jelena's own calling: the recognition, the continuous practice and the sharing of the message that ordinary moments carry extraordinary healing powers, and that the love, beauty, power, strength and grace we all seek are already within us.

Try Jelena's favorite Davidson's tea blends; Tulsi Pure Leaves, Decaffeinated Earl Grey & Herbal Seasons.

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