Jill Anenberg Lawrence

Jill Anenberg Lawrence is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach with a background in comedy - yep, she likes to keep it fun! In a nutshell, Jill works with clients to set overall health and wellness goals looking at all areas of their life that make them happy and healthy. From sleep, managing stress, balancing home life, increasing their immune system, upgrading to non-toxic products, supplementation, healthier food alternatives, and more.

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School at ASU, Jill’s always writing articles either for her own website or as a guest editor for others. Her writing is very down to earth and fun! Believe me, you’ve never laughed so much reading about wellness. Enjoy her blog here. Prefer to watch over read? Check out her YouTube channel for funny & informative videos that her two rescue dogs love having cameos in. Jill is huge into adoption and animal welfare, donating 5% of her monthly coaching sessions to an animal charity of choice.

Jill loves her tea and constantly suggests this beverage to all her clients and friends. The quality of Davidson’s Organic and Fair Trade Tea Leaves is evident in every cup enjoyed. Making it easy to reach those 8 cups of hydration a day with a gorgeous selection of healthful teas. Treat yourself to a cup of Jill’s favorite Davidson's Organic Tea: Tulsi Spicy Green.

Want more information on what the heck a Health Coach does? Check out her website: www.JillLawrenceHealth.com.

Subscribe to her YouTube page for humorous health and fitness vids. More fun stuff on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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