For the Seasoned Pros

As third generation organic tea growers with over 40 years of experience, we know tea. Over the last couple of years, we've also loved expanding our tea knowledge about our favorite fizzy, fermented drink, working with over 40 brewers across the U.S. We've developed brand new, specific blends for brewers, and we've re-created blends that were already working. We are a one-stop-shop for brewers looking to source ingredients from one supplier with transparency, stellar customer service, quick turnaround, and low minimums ($100 for your first order & only $50 for following orders). To get started, sign up for a Wholesale Account today, or read more about our Custom Blending Program.

Trial and Error

As you experiement and find the perfect recipe for your brew, we know you'll be using different combinations of teas, ingredients, flavors, and fermenting times. Davidson's offers pure, organic teas with over 300 blends, herbs, and ingredients to choose from. And, if we don't have it, we can probably figure out where to get it, and we'd be happy to help you source ingredients. For personalized, one-on-one guidance from our tea experts, just let us know that you're interested in our Kombucha Program!

                    Nailed It

Already found the perfect tea for your kombucha? Have an idea for a unique blend that's crafted specifically for you and your customers? We've got you covered. We love re-creating blends and building new ones from the ground up. Our Custom Blending Program gives you the opportunity to get the perfect tea with low minimums, quality ingredients, and one-on-one assistance. Start working with our Custom Blending Program today and get the perfect blend - built just for you.

Crank it Up with Caffeine

Certain teas and herbs have more caffeine than others, meaning using different teas can affect the caffeine content in your kombucha in different ways. Utilizing teas that have higher caffeine content will, obviously, lead to more caffeine in your brew. Other factors, however, may play a role in this, as well. If you're looking to add more caffeine in your kombucha, try using a smaller cut. This will offer more surface area during brewing, letting more of the caffeine content steep into the water. You can also try brewing the tea stronger. Add more tea in your initial brew or let it steep a little longer. Finally, try using caffeinated herbs to flavor your kombucha after the first fermentation. Herbs like yerba mate and guayusa are loaded with caffeine and can act as great additions to your kombucha!

Large Batch Brewing

If you started off brewing kombucha in your kitchen at home, or even if you didn't, you know that brewing commercially in large batches is a whole different ball game. Using multiple pounds of loose leaf tea can be a challenge, but our reusable, wholesale brew bags are designed to assist with just that. With fine mesh, sturdy handles, and three sizes to choose from, our brew bags are designed specifically to make large batch brewing a snap. With our Wholesale Program, we can also help you find bulk ingredients from our stock of over 300 products with your first order minimum at $100 and a minimum of only $50 for your following orders.