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Cut off date for all boxes will be the 25th of every month.
Davidson’s loose leaf subscription boxes contain top quality, organic tea straight from our tea gardens to your cup. Recognizing that tea is both a beloved and healthy ritual for people, we have sought to continuously refine our loose leaf boxes for any time of the day and season. Our respect for nature, our dedication to high-quality infusions, our passion for innovation, and our gratitude to our valuable customers for their great loyalty and enthusiasm for what we do.
As a Davidson’s Organic loose leaf box subscriber we have filled your box with premium loose leaf samples chosen from over 350 blends we blend in-house. Allowing each month to remain a surprise! Our expert-selected products are here to make this simple and tas-tea!
These boxes are carefully curated to two types of boxes to fit your specific needs:  
Caffeinated tea box – We specialize in traditional blends amongst our black, white and green teas. As well as fruit and spicy blends, and full-bodied caffeinated varieties filled with plenty of antioxidants. Each flavor has its own signature taste which will remain true and familiar to your heart.
Caffeine free/herbal box – Our organic caffeine free/herbal teas are traditional herbs, fruit and spicy blends, and blends filled with plenty of antioxidants. Teas filled with just as much body and character compared to their caffeinated counterparts. Enjoy all day!
Want to gift a box to a fellow tea lover? Surprise them with a Davidson’s subscription box that allows them to discover new blends each month and relax. All you have to do is checkout with their shipping address.

       4 pouches of loose leaf tea (10g each) in 4 different blends, t-sacs for your loose leaf blends, a promo code for your next purchase, and an extra surprise bonus!(Makes 16-20 Cups)
*Selections are subject to availability. If a blend isn’t available for the specified month, it will be exchanged with a different blend. Packaging of tea may vary.

Davidson’s loose leaf subscription boxes are filled with premium choices ready to be brewed in your favorite drinkware. Each loose leaf box is accompanied with a few extra goodies to help make your tea drinking experience much better.

The loose leaf subscription box will be filled with a variety of choices which will differ each month. Exploring new flavors and blends each month, giving you a step closer to becoming a tea connoisseur.  
Cancellation Policy:

There are no returns once the subscription box has been received and opened. If you purchase the 3,6 or 12 month subscription there are no cancellations. Payment is taken up front. For those that are interested in learning more about the subscription, check out our month to month option.

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