Mark Estee

Mark Estee is a community leader and nationally recognized chef who is dedicated to building a thriving restaurant culture in Reno and Lake Tahoe. He owns and operates seven local restaurants with menu offerings that encompass his philosophies of fresh, local and seasonal. With its focus on local, high-quality and organic products, Davidson's Organic Teas perfectly embody these core values. Mark is thrilled to serve Davidson's to his customers in all seven restaurants, and to be one of the earliest brand ambassadors.

Estee’s reputation for supporting local farmers and food suppliers is ingrained into each restaurant concept and used as an example within the slow food movement. He is often heard asking, “Do you know where your food comes from?” He is a staple among the food community and his business practices are recognized as progressive, thoughtful and direct. Continually developing new dishes based on his “Whole Hog” philosophy, Estee builds full-flavored food using every portion of every ingredient.

From menu items to cooking practices, Estee believes that his responsibility as a chef is to use culinary creativity to innovate how food is prepared and served. As an entrepreneur, not only is he spreading a message of sustainability and local significance, but also a deep-rooted passion for farmers, ranchers, regional products, produce and food education.

Mark Estee’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in everything he touches. From the way he interacts with patrons and staff to the incredible involvement he has among the community, Estee approaches each day with vibrant integrity. He won’t ask his staff to do something he wouldn’t; he is not afraid to shake things up if it can be done better.

The kitchen is a classroom where he goes to learn, teach and perfect his craft. His style is influenced by what he has seen and done; his drive to continually improve and expand is rooted by what he sees in others. Estee’s passion for food and people keeps pace with his love of Reno and Lake Tahoe. He continues to change and shape the evolving food culture and talks about his passion for the biggest little city on a national platform, every opportunity he is given. He is without a doubt, one of the region’s most prominent advocates.

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