Michelle Joy Abrams

Michelle Joy Abrams is a lifelong athlete, advocate for food justice and holistic health lover. A resident of beautiful Durango, located in Southwest Colorado, she works full-time for local farmers at the United States Department of Agriculture. Food justice has always been extremely important to Michelle; she strives to teach others about current issues related to food sourcing. She is very knowledgable about the integrity of the USDA Organic program, and happily supports products with USDA Organic labeling. Michelle regularly conducts educational outreach to empower the local farming community, mostly in relation to  conservation programs. She practices a healthy lifestyle, and is passionate about sustainable agriculture and learning about living off the land. Michelle is a definite lover of tea, she knows that tea consumption is one of the most beneficial preventative and curative medicines around!

Michelle is the owner of the largest women's events compnay in Colorado, and has been featured in magazines, podcasts and printed publications for her work as the founder of Women fo Colorado. She has a passion for several extreme, outdoor sports including rock climbing, moutaineering, backpacking, and water sports. She is a fitness professional, who takes pride in her Jill-of-all-trades approach to athleticism. An active and outdoor lifestyle is her greatest priority, along with traveling and exploring the natural and developed world. She is a certified E-RYT 200 yoga instructor who enthusiastically teaches yoga to all ages and levels of experience.

When she's not climbing to the top of a mountain, jumping off waterfalls, flying to new destinations or practicing yoga, she enjoys gardening, creating artwork, nature photography, as well as singing/writing music, playing bass guitar and drums. She also spends time contributing to her community by orchestrating community service events, outreach and donating her time and resources to those less fortunate. Despite her worldly experience, Michelle considers herself somone who greatly appreciates the simple thing in life, like comfort of her home and being surronded with the ones she loves. 

She finds serenity and joy in the beauty of the human experience, and is always looking forward to advancing her skills in all aspects of her life. Passion and authenticity are Michelle's personal mantras, and there is never a day that passes which isn't filled with her immense gratitude for another chance to live life well on the gorgeous planet we call home! 

Check out the Women of Colorado on Instagram: @womenofcolorado

Try Michelle's favorite Davidson's Organic Tea: Lemon Mango 

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