Non-Profit Program


The Non-Profit Program is designed to increase donation and contribution levels through retailing Davidson’s Organic Teas and Gift products in support of your organization. 

How Does It Work?
Market Davidson’s Organic Teas and Gift products to donor base directly through your organization’s media (e.g. website, newsletter, postcard mailing, announcements etc.):
  • OPTION 1: Donors purchase organic teas and gifts on Davidson’s website using your “special organization code” representing your organization ID and a 10% discount. On receipt of order, Davidson’s will ship product directly to donor. After order processing, 10% of the proceeds from the sale is transferred to your organization as a donation from Davidson's in support of your efforts.
  • OPTION 2: Your organization buys Davidson’s products at wholesale prices and markets it through your organization media (e.g. website, newsletter etc.) Donors purchase organic teas and gifts (priced at retail) directly from you with an option to make a donation during checkout. You decide the margin and you keep the profit, while increasing your general donation fund.
Why Organic Tea?
Organic teas have a positive connotation as a retail product and supports healthy living:
  • It upgrades quality of your retail marketplace while reflecting well on the organization (i.e. supporting an eco-environment, ensuring ethical farming practices, maintaining health etc.).
  • It promotes awareness and concern of your members’ well-being, sustainability of the environment and the fair working condition of the tea producers (through Fair Trade organic tea lines).
  • Organic ingredients, flavors and colorful packaging provides a meaningful and healthy consumable item. For example, Green tea lines to promote sustainability and prosperity, Dessert teas (caffeine-free) - great for an “indulgence” gift, “congratulation” gift, “get well soon” gift or “thank you” gift, Herbal/decaffeinated tea lines - to accommodate non-caffeinated concerns such as our Honey Teas and Decaf. Teas, and Holiday and Seasonal teas – for Christmas, Valentines, Father’s or Mother’s day and other special holidays.
  • Completely clean labeling, i.e. no unwarranted marketing messages - packaging is neutral and contains ingredient information.
  • Events/Themes oriented packages – Christmas, Seasonal and Fundraisers as well as Health, Fruits, Flowers and Chocolate oriented packages.
Why Davidson’s Organic Teas?
Direct relationship with tea producers ensures quality of organic teas coming directly from the producer to the cup of the consumer. With almost 4 decades in the tea industry, Davidson’s has a nationwide presence and is a strong advocate of the organic movement to promote longevity of health and the general well-being.
Benefits of the Non-Profit Program
  • Increase revenues and maintain consistent cash flow: Increase donation revenues through frequent visits by members to purchase a consumable item (i.e. organic teas) along with contribution requests. Maintain consistent cash flow as retailing organic teas all year-round provide a consistent source of revenues and financial flexibility beyond your spending policy.
  • Demographics favor charitable contributions: A large segment of the population is becoming health conscious, especially towards organic food. This awareness, particularly amongst the elderly causes donors to purchase and enjoy an organic tea beverage while contributing to your organization’s efforts. 
  • Increase web presence and internet donations: Frequent visits to the website to purchase organic teas increase your members’ presence on your website and also increases the chances of members making a contribution during a purchase. Members are induced to donate again if your organization demonstrates that it’s serving a broader cause well and differentiating itself. This gesture motivates donors to contribute generously and frequently.
Program Inquiry
Please submit your inquiry via the Contact Us section, fax @ 1.775.356.3713 or by calling us Toll Free 1-844-TEA-BREW (1-844-832-2739). We will promptly follow up on your interest with you.