Our Valued Partners

We are inspired by organizations who are giving back to the communities with nature and outdoor sports as a tool to connect and embrace. The value of seeking exploration, outdoor sports as well as nature is simply priceless, which is why Davidson's has partnered with two fantastic organizations who are making a difference. 



Sky Tavern

"America's Oldest and Largest Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Ski and Snowboard Program!"

In 1948, Marce Herz approached the owners of Sky Tavern with the idea of reducing lift prices for school children and teaching them how to ski. Starting off with just six students Herz's program grew and has now taught tens of thousands of children. Over time Sky Tavern became a non-profit program run by volunteers who manage and maintain the mountain year round. Sky Tavern has an average of 2,500 kids per season, offering them 2-hour lessons every Saturday and Sunday for 8 weeks with many scholarship opportunities for those in need. The program offers the older kids the opportunity to be Junior Ski Instructors and eventually become Certified Ski Instructors. Learn more about Sky Taverns efforts here.

Davidson's is passionate about helping businesses like Sky Tavern, which is why we donate a variety of teas (both hot and iced) for folks to enjoy while soaking in the beauty that is Sky Tavern.     

- Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association

"Dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use trails and to preserving access for mountain bikers through advocacy, education and promotion of responsible trail use."

In 1998, Kathlee Matin, Jesse Desens and Gary Bell developed a program driven by volunteers to help build trails and educate riders. The program was a success until 2003 when it lost its nonprofit status. Luckily, in 2011 a team of 7 came together to resurrect the organization. The team has rebuilt trails within Kingsbury Grade, Corral Trails and many more. They created Bijou Bike Park, and ensured riders would maintain access to Mr. Toads, Christmas Valley, and the Tahoe Rim Trail when a Forest Plan was up for revision. To this day volunteers are working hard on many different projects. You can learn more about TAMBA and their goals here.

Davidson's is passionate about supporting businesses like TAMBA that help keep our outdoor spaces fun and safe for kids and families.


Biggest Little Trail Stewardship

"The mission of the Biggest Little Trail Stewardship is to build, maintain and advocate for sustainable trails throughout the greater Reno community."

The Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, Inc. (formerly Poedunk, Inc.) is a Nevada non-profit corporation established in 2007 with federal 501(c)3 non-profit status received in 2008. Some of the goals of this organization include being a model trail building organization and maintaining a healthy honest relationship with land managers. BLTS is actively seeking approval for new trails, connecting to other regional trail networks in Nevada and California. They provide trail signage and electronic mapping, supporting local bike parks as well as assisting other trail groups and community organizations. Learn more about BLTS here.

Davidson's is passionate about supporting non-profits like BLTS that help create and nurture our outdoor hiking and biking trail networks.