Our Journey

Welcome to Davidson’s Organics! Your direct-from-garden source for organic and fair trade teas, herbs, spices, cocoa and gifts.

As third generation organic tea growers, as well as the first exclusively organic tea purveyor in the nation, we have garnered over forty years of experience in selling specialty teas, gifts and accessories. Over the decades, we’ve seen many changes in the tea market, as well as within our own product lines, but some things remain constant: our respect for nature, our dedication to high quality infusions, our passion for innovation and our gratitude to our valuable customers for their great loyalty and enthusiasm for what we do.
Since our inception, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop tea blends that are a true reflection of the fruit or spice character for which each blend is named. Recognizing that tea is both a beloved and healthy ritual for people, we have sought to continually refine our product line to offer the widest selection of organic teas. Every tea, every spice and every herb used in any of Davidson’s blend derives from small tea producers or small disenfranchised farmers throughout the world.

In 2007, we attained a major milestone in our organic philosophy and vision, by entering into a strategic alliance with one of the top organic tea producers in India, with multi-generational background and tea growing experience dating back to the British Rule in the mid-1800s. This alliance now enables Davidson’s to offer a more extensive selection of freshly picked “direct-from-garden” teas (organic and fair trade), exclusively to the U.S. market. We are proud and delighted to share the benefit of drinking organic teas from our own tea gardens located in the midst of the Himalayas and stretching across 10,000 acres of breathtaking landscape.

By offering such an extensive selection of teas, we strive to keep you constantly enthralled with our blends. While protecting your mind and body, we want you to experience the great rewards of drinking tea when the flavors are true and exciting, when every sip is embodiment of meticulous attention to quality, when ingredients are pure and uncompromised, prices are unbeatable and service unmatched, and most importantly, with every cup you’re reminded of the socially and environmentally responsible way of Davidson’s organic philosophy. So, enjoy sip by sip, drinking the purest organic tea, direct from the farmer to your cup. Please join us in exploring the perfect blend of tea ideologies and adventures, one which we will gladly share with you for years to come!