Sacred Tulsi Traditions

In the Hindu belief, every part of the Tulsi plant is sacred, including the soil surrounding it. In fact, many Hindu households have a Tulsi plant outside their front door or inside the house's courtyard, in earthen clay pots. Tulsi plants are also generally planted around Hanuman temples. There are several rituals and festivals that revolve around Tulsi.

Tulsi is considered the holiest of all plants because it is a threshold point between earth and heaven. Water mixed with Tulsi petals are given to the dying to help their souls reach heaven. Care takers of a Tulsi plant ritualistically take care of it about two times a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Additionally, Tulsi Vivah is a ceremonial wedding that takes place every year between Tulsi and Krishna.

In ancient epics and scriptures, “Tulse” was a goddess and devoted herself to Lord Vishnu. She re-incarnated as the Tulsi plant so she could show her devotion to Lord Vishnu by being offered in worship and service to him.

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