Shanetta Spriggs

Shanetta Spriggs, Shana for short, is a wellness blogger, digital guru, media personality and lover of herbal tea based in Erwin, NC. This southern belle is well traveled and encourages both mental and physical health on her online platforms and in the community. North Carolina is thriving with new construction, parks, fitness centers and things to do, including its first annual vegan festival where Shana documented the positive community experience.

Shana was first introduced to a delightful cup of Davidson’s Organic Teas when she was younger. Delighted by the flavor of Coconut Vanilla, she realized that there was more to tea than just the typical southern sweet tea. This experience aided Shana in her personal nutrition journey later in life, while learning that Davidson’s Organic Teas is quality and highly informative on the health benefits of their ingredients. 

Coming from a world of southern comfort food and drinks, Shana witnessed the benefits of herbal tea within herself, her husband, her parents, friends and newbies to holistic health she continually encourages and educates. That’s a new type of love and comfort she now expresses. Shana proclaims, “Overall wellness is important, not just health. That means you obtain the knowledge of why and how you feel so much better than you ever did before. You are mentally and physically rejuvenated! Your organs thank you as you know the type of health you want to achieve, maintain and share that knowledge with others.”

Meet Shana through her various media platforms:

Website: Main Course Encouragement

YouTube: Main Course Encouragement

Instagram: @ShanettaJamere and @MainCourseEncouragement

Twitter: @ShanettaJamere

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