Winery Program

It gives us great pride to offer our Winery Program to our wholesale customers, given that our business was founded on developing and marketing mulling spices back in the 70s. In general, this program focuses on our Organic Mulling Spice blend which traditionally is added to red wines to create “gluhwein” or spiced wine, grogg etc and is sold to wineries or liquor stores. Over the years, we have crafted various spice recipes per customer’s requirements, but for the most part, it involves a robust red wine or tart juice, the spices and usually something sweeter like sweet vermouth or sometimes a little apple cider.
Ideas for Wineries & Liquor Producers
  • Award winning “Mulling Spices” to co-market with mid-range to high-end red wines
  • Mulling spice gifts to go with wine for housewarming/hostess gift
  • Mulling Spice private label options including loose spices or “spice necker bags” which requires a small commitment in a necker card (to hang on the bottle neck)
  • Spices to go in winery gift baskets especially for organic wines needing organic add-on products
  • Spices for spirits producers (e.g. Rum Spiced Apple Punch)
  • Spices for egg nog producers or spirits producers who market product to go with egg nog
  • Bulk spices for seasonal beer producers to market seasonal flavors such as “pumpkin spice” beer in October and apple spiced beer during the holidays
  • Options to diversify into other spice tea/herb blends (e.g. Orange Spice beer, Cranberry Spiced rum etc.)
Ideas for Liquor Store & Wine Cellars
  • Independently increase wine sales by providing a mulling spice special to the customer
  • Custom design your own wine gifts to include an add-on low-cost option of mulling spices to boost gift basket sales
  • Compliment other gift options in store using spiced tea or herb blends
  • Offer spices during special events or festive occasions such as egg nog, fall or Christmas to boost cross-promotion and product diversity (e.g. spiced peach nectar with brandy)
  • Increase wine placement awareness in-store by giving a gift promotion or pairing like products such as spices, wines, glasses, openers and sometimes other foods (cheese, nuts, wine biscotti, wine jellies etc.)
Why Davidson’s Organics?
  • USDA Organic and Kosher product line all across 300+ tea/herb flavors
  • Ability to source spices directly from source ensures quality, continuous availability and low cost
  • Ability to offer private label options using our spice recipes
  • Healthy product image to help balance out spirit’s “sin product” identity
  • Quick turnaround options for “family size” bags for spirited punches or custom neckers for individual portions
  • Strong seasonal tea line to compliment seasonal wine/spirit promotions
  • Small to large production capabilities ranging from spice bag neckers to mulling spice shippers/displays and year-round offerings to seasonal promotions
Program Inquiry
Please submit your inquiry via the Contact Us section, fax @ 1.775.356.3713 or by calling us Toll Free 1-844-TEA-BREW (1-844-832-2739). We will promptly follow up on your interest with you.